Ed, Cathy and the Harlem Republican Club are Ready, Willing and Able for Primary - Sept. 18, 2007
for the Republican District Leader & Associate District Leader
of the 70th AD

Let the Harlem Community Speak!

Community Support for Ed Daniels & Cathy Cunningham

"Ed Daniels is more of a political figure...more people know him...he has more community and city recognition" - RW/143rd Street

" Ed is the real deal "grassroots" ...he is all about community...and helping anyone"!
AT/135th Street

"Ed is the best man for the future of the Republican Party in Harlem"
Leroy Owens/former 70th AD District Leader

"Everybody likes Ed and Cathy...Republicans and Democrats alike...they will bring a healing to the Republican Party in Harlem..and increase party numbers"! JS/127th Street

"It can't get any better than Ed & Cathy...Ed can be seen talking on the street to anyone at anytime...people seek him out for help. Cathy is an administrator at the Department of Health & Welfare and the president of her block association. She, too is dedicated to anyone who needs her help at anytime"!
- BN/138th Street

"What an uplift...I can't wait to see these two in action" - DT/Broadway

"This will be the first time the Harlem Republican Club and the District Leaders will be on the same page...congratulations to both"! - PC/Tiemann Pl

Community Opposition to Will Brown & Denise Johns

"The so-called relationship of Will Brown & Denise Johns as a team is a fiasco, and cannot possibly be taken seriously by anyone...Will has done nothing for 5 years and has no "club support" from the Harlem Republican Club anymore...Denise Johns has no community service, at all, and sued the Board of Elections last time when she ran against Will Brown" - JB/Amsterdam Ave.

"This is the most disfunctional pairing, I have ever seen...people are laughing about this and it is a public joke...Harlem certainly does not need this"! - DP/Park Ave.

"Enough is enough, already...Will, we have had enough of you...give us a break...you need to retire from the DL position..everybody knows that JoLinda Cogen did the work and you just showed up to smile and give a shallow speech...and this bringing Denise into the picture is insulting to the community's intelligence"! - HS/

"Will Brown has brought NO jobs to members....he does not appropriate any Jobs to them...he lets the jobs go to other communities"....The former DL, Leroy Owens used to bring Jobs to members...this increases community support"! - CL/128th Street

"The bottom-line is that Will Brown has done nothing and everybody is tired of him and wants something NEW!". - PS/Fifth Ave.

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